Tth DNA Ligase, NX72098

SKU: NX72098-250U
Tth DNA Ligase, NX72098

Tth DNA Ligase, NX72098

SKU: NX72098-250U
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Product Identifiers

Catalog # NX72098
Chemical Name Tth DNA Ligase


Product Notes NAD-dependent recombinant ligase from Thermus thermophilus. The ligation will occur only if the oligonucleotides are perfectly paired to the complementary target DNA and have no gaps between them. Therefore a single-base substitution can be detected. High thermostability allows ligation using high-stringency hybridization conditions. High specificity and stringency permits sensitive detection of SNPs. Equivalent of Ampligase¨ (Epicentre).
Special Remarks Storage at -20¡C. 5 U/_l.
Cat Number BIBL0053
Manufacturer Apollo Scientific
Country of Origin United Kingdom

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